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joy ride paragliding panchgani

Introduction to Paragliding and Parasailing

A] Equipments Required for Paragliding

joy ride paragliding panchgani

1] Glider – There are two types of Gliding.

Solo and Tandem.

Solo is for single person who knows how to fly and control the glider.

Tandem is like double seat, the main pilot who controls the glider and the other person

Enjoys the ride on a comfortable seat called Harness.

For tourist we offer Tandem flying with our equipments and professional Pilots.

The Glider is made of a high quality fabric an is imported at an approximate cost

of Rs.2,00,000/-.

The Glider is not washable hence it has to be desposed after some use.

We can Fly A Maximum Height of 4000 feet from land, for technical reasons.

2] Harness – It's a seat which is safe and comfortable for the guest who fly's along with the pilot.

3] Helmet –since this is an adventure sport helmet is necessary for safety.

4] Elbow and Knee Pad : Extra safety Precautions

5] Carbine –It is used for attaching the Glider.


About Solo Flying:

When the Eagles fly in the air the pilot understands that the wind is good enough to fly.

In solo the pilot takes off without support by running a small distance and taking all safety measures.

In solo gliding the pilot feels as same as a Free Flying Bird in the sky.


A dream of many human beings who wished to have flying wings.

joy ride paragliding panchgani

Tandem Flying:

When another person flies along with the pilot is called Tandem Flying.

The pilot is a well trained person who has done number of solo flights and certified for the same.

The guest need not know anything about gliding, he simply has to enjoy the fly

, feel like a bird, romance with the wind, and watch the whole world from the sky above.

In tandem flying two anchors are required to support the pilot.

These two people manage the glider until it takes off and is in complete control of the pilot.

joy ride paragliding panchgani

Wind Socks:

These Wind Socks help us to know the wind direction and power to fly.

If the wind is from east to west , then the takeoff will be from west to east.



When the Glider comes back for landing the pilot pulls the strings to make the glider small, that's called beiges,

when he touches the land immediately the anchors are there for help to pull the breaks of the glider and makes it lie flat on the ground.

joy ride paragliding panchgani


Parasailing is done with the help of a jeep, the parachute is tied to the jeep and is driven against the wind, hence the balloon flies up.

For landing, the jeep driver reduces the speed of the jeep, and the balloon comes down slowly,

two anchors are there to support the flier land safely.


The excitement is that this entire flight ends in 5 minutes from take off to landing.

Jeans and good shoes are suggested for a comfortable experience.

Roller Coaster Ball

joy ride paragliding panchgani

this a great roller coaster ball ride - just for fun - and to unwind from stress.


Come Fly your Dreams , Feel Like a Bird, see the world from the skies.

joy ride paragliding panchgani

Come to Joy-Ride for professional and government approved pilots.

Come to Panchgani, to fly in the sky.

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